Family & Inheritance Dispute


Amendments in Korean Family Laws which represent the changing trends in the concept of a family, which includes the establishment of gender equality and the abolition of the traditional patriarchal family legal system, also changed and increased the need to appropriately handle delicate legal matters involving family issues. For example, the parties in a divorce proceeding can either settle the case, which involves a settlement agreement and confirmation by the presiding judge, or proceed in a legal proceedings, which involves lawsuits due to lack of agreement between the parties. Choosing the appropriate strategy is delicate in such matters, and DR&AJU can effectively assist in the process with its professionals and staffs having massive experience in family matters.
Another example involving delicacy in family law is matters involving inheritance and succession. Such lawsuits include lawsuits to request the recovery of inheritance by the true heir, lawsuit to request the court to divide the inheritance, lawsuit to request the legal portion of an heir for the guarantee of livelihood and proper distribution, etc. Those are delicate matters which require careful approach, and DR&AJU offers comprehensive legal services regarding such delicate inheritance/succession matters.

Track Records

Represented a Korean businessman in a lawsuit for the division of property against his spouse, which involved several billion Korean won

Represented a celebrity in a lawsuit for divorce and division of property

Represented a Korean business man in a lawsuit for the recovery of inheritance


Key Services

    - Advise on matters involving divorce, nullification of marriage, confirmation of the existence of a biological parental relationship, etc.
    - Represent clients in lawsuits on child support, divorce, etc.
    - Represent and advise clients regarding division of property, renunciation of inheritance, division of inheritance, etc.