Election Law


Election law specialists with extensive experience are required for an election as various legal risks are involved in elections, including invalidity of election, refund of preserved election expenses and restriction on electoral eligibility upon sentence to a fine exceeding KRW 1 million under Public Official Election Act and Act on Elections Entrusted by Public Organizations, etc. As such, DR & AJU has recently reinforced the Election Law Team in 2019: the former Chairman and Commissioner of National Election Committee, Mr. MOON Sang Boo, and the former Commissioner of Seoul Election Committee, Mr. AHN Byung Do, joined the Election Law Team.
DR & AJU Election Law Team provides optimum services for clients from the early stage when matters are concerned with the Election Committee level to the later stage of presence to an investigation. Where police or prosecutor commences an investigation, experienced former senior prosecutors, Mr. KIM Young Kyu and Mr. CHUNG Joong Keun, will properly advise out client. In the case of a trial, former judges from bench of election related cases, Mr. KIM Jin Dong and Mr. CHOI Byung Ceol, will represent our client.
Our dedicated Election Law Team also established the Election Law Educational Research Institute to educate and coach politicians and advisors in election campaigns for election laws and legitimate election strategies.

Track Records

Successfully represented OO union president in defending the president who contributed alcoholic beverages and training expense to members of the union

Represented members of OO union in accusing the president of the union of the failure to remove the unqualified members from the electoral register

Successfully represented a Congressperson in a Supreme Court case for the invalidity of election

Represented a mayor against the alleged violation of Public Official Election Act

Represented a governor against the alleged violation of Political Fund Act

Successfully represented a local assembly man in a Supreme Court case for the violation of Public Official Election Act in relation to the act of contribution and provision of food

Represented a preliminary candidate to run in an election for the head of local government in a Constitutional Court case for the violation of Political Fund Act


Key Services

    - Election related litigation (including investigation by National Election Committee or Police/Prosecutor, accusation/complaint, criminal defense in relation to election, litigation for invalidity of election)
    - Legal advice on election laws.
    - Legal consulting for elections (election procedures, election costs, election organization)