DR & AJU opened its Chinese office in Shanghai in 2002 for the first time for Korean law firms and its Beijing office and Sozhou office in 2007, through which DR & AJU provided optimum legal services to the corporate clients to expand its business to China. After close of the offices, DR & AJU continued to satisfy the needs of our clients through the close cooperation with Chinese law firms.
The Chinese desk are led by two Chinese-qualified lawyers and supported by Chinese speaking Korean-qualified lawyers. The Chinese desk is adept at due diligence, negotiations, acquisition agreements, tax, licensing and labor issues in conjunction FDI as well as sectors of finance, energy, logistics and entertainment.

Track Records

Conducted multi-jurisdictional due diligence involving SF Express’s wholly owned subsidiary in Korea on multiple topics (corporate status, licenses, tax, mortgages and other financial encumbrances, litigation or other proceedings, assets/liabilities and labor/employment)

Represented Oriental Star Capital Ltd., a Chinese investment company, on the USD 13 million acquisition of Koen Media, a Korean entertainment company; advised on the necessary due diligence report, acquisition agreement, negotiations, etc. of the company and its artists

Advised a Korea-based gas, chemical and power plant semiconductor and display provider Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd. on the execution of an EPC agreement for an LFG power plant in China

Advised on and arranged for the purchase of Korean e-sport team for a game “League of Legends” for a China-based new sponsor

Advised on the establishment of JVC among Korea-China-Russia consortium consisting of 7 companies and the management and project finance of the JVC

Advised POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. on the transfer of its shares in a China-based company to another China-based company

Represented a China-based transport company in litigation in Korea for a provisional attachment of a vessel against a China-based shipping company

Advised a Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical giant Tigermed on a USD 28 million share purchase of DREAM CIS, a Korean CRO; advised on the necessary due diligence, share purchase agreement, FDI reporting procedures, etc. in relation to the deal

Advised a Hong Kong-based media firm Huace Film & TV on a USD 45 million share purchase of NEXT ENTERTAINMENT WORLD, a Korean film distributing company, advised on necessary due diligence, share purchase agreement, FDI reporting procedures, etc. in relation to the deal

Advised Tencent on the cloud service business in Korea


Key Services